OHS POLICY (Occupational Health and Safety)

VÍTKOVICE STEEL is a leading European steel company. The main products of the company include steel, heavy plates, profiles, cut shapes, and sheet piles.

Our company’s objective is to continue to develop and improve our occupational health and safety policy through a systematic approach leading to achievement and maintenance of a management and organizational level in this area that minimizes the adverse impact of the company’s industrial activities on safety and health, and which in fact positively affects the production quality and level of occupational health and safety ensuring sustainable living conditions in the Ostrava region marked by industrial activities.

The senior management of VÍTKOVICE STEEL considers health and safety at work as one of the priorities of the company's management and determines the following principles compliant with the strategic objectives:

  • Create and maintain a health and safety management system that ensures compliance with the OHSAS 18001 requirements and creates a safe work environment throughout the organization-Maintain the system in compliance with the requirements of other established policies, visions and objectives
  • All actions taken will be documented, and the figures and results associated used for the future development and implementation of new initiatives to eliminate the undesirable impacts of work activities
  • Create a system of accident and health damage prevention that will result in a reduction (or elimination) of the work accident rate to an acceptable level
  • Continual improvement of all procedures and processes to ensure health and safety 
  • Use the most advanced technology available to minimize the accident risk
  • Deal with the views and interests of all parties involved, follow OHS requirements in the selection of contractors and subcontractors
  • Define and establish a set of indicators to assess the health and safety at work and conduct evaluations in accordance with the internal regulations and legislation
  • Inform all parties involved in our health and safety at work objectives, intentions and activities through, including but not limited to publishing the information in an "Annual Report on Activities of VÍTKOVICE STEEL" 
  • Use the best practices from our field of expertise to minimize risks and ensure the rational use of all resources
  • Be compliant with legal requirements and regulations associated with EVRAZ activities and ensure implementation of other OHS legal regulations and requirements
  • Seek achievement of absolute transparency and information exchange in the area of occupational health and safety both between the company‘s management and employees, and with all contractors and customers to create awareness regarding the OHS duties
  • Senior management of VÍTKOVICE STEEL is committed to establish and regularly review the OHS objectives
  • Senior management of VÍTKOVICE STEEL is committed to making available sufficient resources to implement the company’s health and safety policy, objectives, including strategic objectives defined in the business plan
Date: February 20, 2017 Ing. Dmitry Scuka mp