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VÍTKOVICE STEEL, a.s. is a leading European steel company. The company's main products include production of steel, plates, sections, sheet piles and cut shapes.

Our company's aim is to achieve and maintain such a management and organisation level in the field of environmental protection that will allow minimising the negative influence of our industrial activities on the environment and will positively reflect in the quality of our production, in work safety standards and in maintaining sustainable living conditions in the Ostrava region affected by industrial activities.

The top management of VÍTKOVICE STEEL, a.s. considers environmental protection to be one of the priorities of the company's management and sets out the following principles in accordance with the strategic goals:

  • Adhere to legislative and other requirements for environmental protection as the basis for continuous improvement of our company's environmental profile.
  • Provide and develop such products that can be recycled, repeatedly used or safely disposed of.
  • In cooperation with specialised workplaces, develop, run facilities and perform operations with regard to effective utilisation of energy and materials, applying an environmentally friendly approach and respecting the principle of sustainable utilisation of secondary resources.
  • Provide shareholders, employees, customers and the public with information about environmental issues.
  • Ensure removing or minimising the effects of old ecological burdens resulting from terminated industrial activities.
  • Through preventive measures, avoid extraordinary situations, the consequences of which might have a negative influence on the environment and health of employees.
  • Motivate and systematically improve the professional knowledge, competence and responsibility of our employees in environmental protection.
  • Continuously improve the environmental management processes and environmental profile in accordance with the latest scientific and technical knowledge, requirements of the customers and expectations of the public.

The top management of VÍTKOVICE STEEL, a.s. commits itself to setting out and reviewing the environmental goals and target values and to providing the necessary resources.

We declare the aforementioned environmental policy with the belief that it will be understood and accepted by all our employees, business partners and the public.

Date: February 20, 2017 Ing. Dmitry Scuka mp