Employees‘ Wages at VÍTKOVICE STEEL will grow by 5%


Employees‘ Wages at VÍTKOVICE STEEL will grow by 5%

Representatives of the management and the trade union at Vítkovice Steel have agreed on wage development and employee benefits for 2020. According to the amendment to the Collective Agreement for 2019 – 2023, the corporate wages and premiums will be increased by almost 5% from April, which means for employees an average increase by more than of CZK 1,000 than last year monthly, plus other benefits.

"The common goal of the employer and the trade union was to negotiate conditions that will help maintain the stability of employment in our company and at the same time create a safe basis for further development of the company, as well as overall care for our employees," Kateřina Nogolová said.

From 1 April 2020, tariff wages will be increased by CZK 700 per employee and of the company and the personal benefit by CZK 300 in average. In order to be able to revise wages during the year and to increase the personal benefit of selected tariff employees, the employer will allocate an additional CZK 100 to the personal benefit for further increase to specific employees. The employer will also increase the supplementary pension insurance contribution by CZK 100 from April. Among other things, employees will receive a Christmas bonus of CZK 2,500 in 2020. Employees with individual contractual wages will receive an increase individually according to the evaluation and decision of their supervisor.

“The outcome of the negotiations is a compromise. We understand that the situation in the steel industry is complicated and we can see it in other companies. But even at this time it is important that employees are fairly remunerated for their work and feel that they are part of a stable and strong company, ” Roman Ďurčo, Chairman the the OS KOVO Vítkovice Ocelárna a válcovny Trade Union.

VÍTKOVICE STEEL is a leading European manufacturer of rolled steel products and the largest manufacturer of steel plates in the Czech Republic. The company is the only manufacturer of sheet piles in the Czech Republic. The company is owned by multi-national investment funds form the countries of the former Soviet Union. It has 958 employees.

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