Šárka Baborovská new spokesperson for Vítkovice Steel


Šárka Baborovská new spokesperson for Vítkovice Steel

In January 2018 Šárka Baborovská became the spokesperson for Vítkovice Steel. She will oversee the external communications of the company with the media and provide comprehensive information services to members of the media.
Šárka Baborovská replaces former spokesperson Jaromír Krišica.

Šárka Baborovská has worked in public service and commercial media for years. She worked as head producer for TV Nova and TV Prima. Communication with the media has been an integral part of her professional responsibilities. She is also a teacher and expert guarantor for the Academy of Journalism and new media.

“I contacted Šárka Baborovská because of her results and achievements in the media sphere. I value her work and positive energy,” said CEO Dmitrij Ščuka about the change in spokespersons.

Šárka Baborovská graduated from the School of Journalism at Charles University.