The company VÍTKOVICE STEEL modernised the technology for production of cut -shapes


The company VÍTKOVICE STEEL modernised the technology for production of cut -shapes

VÍTKOVÍCE STEEL company finalised the modernisation of the technology for production of cut -shapes. The modernised cutting machine can cut special cants important for welding. This will allow the company to win new projects for construction and machinery industry clients. It is the second biggest investment in cut -shapes production during the last 8 years.

“The new technology successfully passed a trial operation period during which we tested the precision and quality parameters. In March, we expect full operation. The first project will be for our customer in Poland. We suppose that other interested customers will appear soon, ” told us the operation director of VÍTKOVICE STEEL Radim Pachlopník.

The main part of redesigning was the installation of the three-burner automatic head which can cut with high precision four types of bevelled edges. It is a modern high-tech technology which the company constructed in cooperation with a Czech company specialising in flame-cutting machines.

The requirement of high precision of the cut cants stands behind the modern three-burner head and redesigning of the travel track and reinforcing of the base construction of the 28m long cutting bench. Another important element is the installation of regulation positioning mechanisms for fine adjustment of the cutting bench at the ideal level. The investment costs were CZK
6 million.

The preparatory phase took 6 months and employed a six-member team consisting of various technical professions. The installation itself took about three weeks. “The most demanding thing was the organisation of all tasks in the way allowing the smoothest assembly and commissioning of the new technology with regards to the ordinary operation and required quality of the cut products,” added Petr Gocal, the head of the project and the technical deputy manager of Rolling mill Kvarto. 

With the new technology, five employees went through theoretical or practical training in January and February. This training will be followed by related activities focused on improving the working procedures, safety measures and training of other workers.

Cut - shapes are one of three main products of VÍTKOVICE STEEL. They are used for various machinery constructions, wind power plants, bridge constructions and for other purposes in construction and machinery industry.


VÍTKOVICE STEEL, a. s. is a traditional European producer of rolled-steel products, the biggest producer of steel sheets in the Czech Republic and the only producer of sheet pilings in the CR. The company owns transnational investment funds from the countries of the former Soviet Union. The company employs 958 people.