Wages of VÍTKOVICE STEEL employees to grow by up to 10 %


Wages of VÍTKOVICE STEEL employees to grow by up to 10 %

The representatives of VÍTKOVICE STEEL management and trade union closed the collective bargaining arriving at an agreement on wage development and employee benefits for this and next year. The employee wages and bonuses will grow by up to 10 %, if the specified criteria are met.

“The collective bargaining was commenced in August and was characterized by relatively calm atmosphere. Although not always was consensus reached, the suggestions by both parties were always constructive. Because the company performs well a higher growth of wages than in the last years could be agreed. This way we want to acknowledge the efforts of all employees in this year,” said Kateřina Nogolová, HR Director and member of the Board of Directors of VÍTKOVICE STEEL upon signing the amendment to the Collective Agreement.

In addition to the 3,000 CZK bonus for each employee for the profit achieved by the company this year which was agreed before, the company will add 1,000 CZK per person to the employee benefit system in December as a thank for year 2021.

From 1 April, 2022, the wage of each employee will increase by almost 2 thousand CZK on average and the amount of money in the benefit and bonus programmes will also be higher. The total remuneration of each employee including bonuses and benefits will be higher by up to 10 per cent than now provided all criteria are met.

“This year the collective bargaining was quicker than in the previous years thanks to the favourable development in steelmaking, but was not easy. The employees can be satisfied with the compromise achieved. It is important that the good economic results will be significantly reflected in the incomes of each of them. Moreover, it was agreed that the situation will be assessed by us later next year and additional increase will be negotiated, if possible,” added Roman Ďurčo, Chairman of “OS KOVO Vítkovice Ocelárna a válcovny” trade union.

After difficult loss years VÍTKOVICE STEEL returned to profit making this year. It generated 25 M CZK net profit for the first three quarters of this year and the outlook is still positive despite the increase of utility prices. The company benefited from the recovery of demand for steel products as well as improving of efficiency of its production processes.


VÍTKOVICE STEEL, a. s. is a traditional European manufacturer of rolled steel products, the largest manufacturer of steel plates in the Czech Republic and the only manufacturer of sheet piles in the country. The company is owned by multinational investment funds from the countries of the former Soviet Union. It employs almost 900 people. Most of the company products are applied in building industry and mechanical engineering. 70 % of the sold products are exported.