The New George Patton Memorial in Pilsen Crafted from Vitkovice Atmofix Steel

In the center of Pilsen on May 1st, 2015, a memorial was unveiled dedicated to the American General George Patton, whose troops entered the city on May 6th, 1945, and liberated it. The memorial was presented by the members of the Pilsen city council, Patton’s grandson George Patton Waters, politicians and representatives of the US Embassy. 



Monitoring Device Funded by the VÍTKOVICE STEEL Charity Fund Guards Patients’ Life Functions

The University Hospital Ostrava has a Haematology Center, which also offers medical procedures to the patients of the Haematooncology Clinic. In order to ensure high quality monitoring of the patients’ life functions, especially with senior citizens, the clinic needs specialized equipment, which can reliably provide the necessary monitoring at any time. The VÍTKOVICE STEEL Charity Fund provided the necessary financial aid for the purchase of a 199-thousand-CZK Philips machine, which has been serving patients since April 2015. 



The VÍTKOVICE STEEL Charity Fund Helps Children in Kopřivnice Commute to School

Getting handicapped children to school or to their extracurricular activities is not an easy task for their parents or the institutions that take care of these children. The civic initiative active around the Kopřivnice Child Center has been resolving this issue using minivans, which travel for hundreds of thousands of kilometers when taking children to and from school, or whichever extracurriculars they needed to attend. Such a high utilization rate made the minivans prone to breaking down, which then further complicated the transport. The VÍTKOVICE STEEL Charity Fund purchased a new vehicle for the transport of these children for nearly seven hundred thousand CZK.



VÍTKOVICE STEEL Charity Fund assists disabled children in learning to walk

On February 19, 2015 a new Physical Mobility Centre for Disabled Children, primarily those diagnosed with cerebral palsy or brain injury, was opened in the children's hospital in Klimkovice Spa.



Hockey Academy has begun again

Since the beginning of November socially disadvantaged children meet again at regular trainings of ice hockey.



Change of Registered Offices of EVRAZ VÍTKOVICE STEEL, a.s.

As of October 2, 2013 the Registered Offices of EVRAZ VITKOVICE STEEL, a.s. is changed