Reconstruction of Negrelli viaduct is completed


Reconstruction of Negrelli viaduct is completed

Trains returned to the famous Negrelli viaduct in Prague on 1 June. The pride of Karlín (Prague district) and formerly the longest railway bridge in Europe had to undergo an extensive reconstruction which took almost three years. Plates made by VÍTKOVICE STEEL helped in the repair of one of the bridge structures.

VÍTKOVICE STEEL supplied steel for a number of major construction projects. One of them is the reconstruction of Negrelli viaduct without a doubt. It included the repair of 100 brick, sandstone and granite arch rings, eight of which span over Vltava River. 19 arch rings had to be completely disassembled and reassembled by the building contractor’s personnel. The bridge structures had also to be replaced at some points. The railway substructure and superstructure were modernized which will enable to increase the line speed and improve the transport safety and traffic flow continuity. Up to 14 train pairs can run through the bridge every hour now. The reconstruction was completed about half a year later than originally scheduled because the viaduct had been in a worse condition than expected.

Negrelli viaduct is the first railway bridge over Vltava built in Prague and the city’s second oldest bridge. It connects Masaryk railway station and Bubny (Prague district) through Štvanice island. It is 1,100 meters long and was put into operation in early June 1850. The viaduct is listed and is named after architect Alois Negrelli.