29.4.2015 - The VÍTKOVICE STEEL Charity Fund Helps Children in Kopřivnice Commute to School

Getting handicapped children to school or to their extracurricular activities is not an easy task for their parents or the institutions that take care of these children. The civic initiative active around the Kopřivnice Child Center has been resolving this issue using minivans, which travel for hundreds of thousands of kilometers when taking children to and from school, or whichever extracurriculars they needed to attend. Such a high utilization rate made the minivans prone to breaking down, which then further complicated the transport. The VÍTKOVICE STEEL Charity Fund purchased a new vehicle for the transport of these children for nearly seven hundred thousand CZK, resolving the commuting nightmare. Hana Hoblikova, member of the charity fund’s board of trustees, presented this vehicle on April 23rd, 2015, in Kopřivnice. This gift has made the children very happy, so if you ever see a vehicle with the logo of the Kopřivnice Child Center in or around town, please do wave. The children will gladly wave back.

New vehicle for the transport of children

New vehicle for the transport of children

Children and their parents have come to see a new vehicle

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