VÍTKOVICE STEEL keeps manufacturing and is not going to limit its production


VÍTKOVICE STEEL keeps manufacturing and is not going to limit its production

All Vítkovice Steel plants operate as scheduled and the production will continue also throughout the Easter holiday period. The preventative measures against coronavirus infection instituted by the company copy the government regulations and are even stricter because continued production is a priority.

The communication both with suppliers and customers is now more intense with a view of ensuring continuous and smooth production and shipment. The crisis team plays an essential role at the company at present. It acts daily (including nighttimes, if necessary) handling all problems so that the production can run at the maximum pace.

“We endeavour to communicate with people very frequently and openly. A special mobile application called JOBKA was developed to enable a quicker and easier communication with all personnel. It is used to provide updated information and answer all questions. We are also focused on provision – through our own means – of protective equipment and disinfection agents for all personnel and I can state that we are successful,” says Kateřina Nogolová, member of the Board of Directors and member of the crisis team.

No significant production curtailment has been imposed, only certain adaptations of the operation mode and organization to the new regulations, safety measures and the fact that some employees care for children (and other persons) or are in preventive quarantine had to be made. This requires detailed planning of shifts and workplace staffing for every day. Some employees work from home.

The internal crisis team is ready to act on various potential scenarios. The company has prepared procedures to be applied should the circumstances worsen rapidly. The management is actively involved in negotiations with the government under the umbrella of the Steel Union and Confederation of Industry and Transport regarding, for example, terms and conditions for the so‑called kurzarbeit (reduced working hours for employees with the wage for the unworked time paid by the government) or crediting of industry.

The management is thankful to the employees and business partners for their compliance with the measures and restrictions which are vital for the protection of safety and maintenance of production.

We wish to all of you a calm Easter holiday!