Concrete trainee stories

Concrete trainee stories

Graduate: Technical University of Ostrava,
Specialisation: Technical materials - FMME, 2014
Position: technology development officer

"I underwent the trainee programme at the Thick Plate Four-High Rolling Mill 3.5, where I gained experience and knowledge for the position of Rolling Process Management Technician. During the TP I gained an overview of the production processes in our company and, most importantly, much practical experience. I am currently working as Technology Development Officer in the technological group, where in the future I should cooperate on the development of our company."

Graduate: Technical University of Ostrava,
Specialisation: Finance – Faculty of Economics, 2013
Position: Economic Analysis Officer

"Joining the Trainee Programme at the company Vítkovice Steel struck me as a good opportunity for the start of my career after completing university study. I studied the finance specialisation, and so I applied for a position in the finance department. In the end I was placed in the controlling section and financial management section. My superior guided me through the programme, and we had regular meetings where we looked at how I was dealing with the entrusted tasks and what tasks were awaiting me."

Graduate: Vítkovice Secondary Industrial School
Specialisation: Smelter Operator, 2013
Position: Central Systems Coordinator

"I started at Vítkovice Steel in 2014. I joined the Trainee Programme after my school-leaving examination because I felt there was an opportunity to be the number one in the field that I had studied. The programme was rich in experience as part of the intro-round" throughout the firm. One went through the entire production process from the start of the steel working process right up to the final version of the product for dispatch to consumers of the product. The programme gave me experience, which I am currently utilising and passing on."