Cut shapes / Material grades


We make cup shapes especially of unalloyed constructional steel grades, of steel grades for treatment, of unalloyed and alloyed boiler steel grades, other grades based on agreement:

  • steel grades according to EN: 10025-2, 10025-3, 10025-5, 10028-2, 10028-3
  • other steel grades based on an agreement


Precision cutting - flame cuting of rectangular shapes with stricter dimensional tolerances
Cutting info wide flats - longitudinal flame cutting into the strips
Cut shapes - flame cutting according to technical (drawing) documentation


The shapes are made according to submitted technical documentation, drawings in the DXF, DWG format or hard copies.

Cut shapesDimesions (mm)
Thickness *) 5-80
Width max. 4 000
Length max. 14 000


Precision cuttingDimensions (mm)
Thickness *) 5-80
Width 100-4 000
Length 100-14 000


Cutting into wide flatsDimensions (mm)
Thickness *) 10-80
Width 100-1 000
Length 1 000-14 000

*) Greater thicknesses on agreement

Cut shapes from internally produced plates - thickness max. 80 mm, width max. 3 280 mm, weight of the input material max. 12 500 kg.
Max. lenfth can be increased on an agreement.