Nomination for award AURA 2004 – explicit success of VÍTKOVICE STEEL exposition.

Nomination for award AURA 2004 – explicit success of VÍTKOVICE STEEL exposition.

46th International Engineering Fair

Friday, September 24, 2006

Final meeting, last visitors – see you again next year ...

Last visitors, final business meetings ... the truth is that today is the last day of the 46 th international engineering fair Brno 2004. Its character always clearly shows our customers' needs and wishes, the direction we have to gear towards, and which problems to focus on regarding the development of the key product areas. Even this year was a great opportunity for VÍTKOVICE STEEL to get hold of their chance, gain data for strategic decisions and as a result to raise enough money for competitive production technologies.

The gates of the biggest professional fair in central and eastern Europe are closing today. Hand in hand with that also the unique opportunities for business but, moreover, friendly social meetings with the most important customers, suppliers and business partners. However, even this year there were meetings with representatives of the state administration, regions and cities. There were a great number of specialists from abroad at this year's fair. We were extremely pleased with the rising interest in our production among domestic customers. Our great effort was to attract them to see our exposition.

On the other hand, the purpose of the fair nowadays is not only to arrange business deals but more importantly to introduce a company and to support its image and production. We are of course always interested in starting up new contracts and we are immediately prepared to respond to incoming offers of cooperation. The success of the presentation of VÍTKOVICE STEEL at the Brno fair lies in the qualified preparation of staff at the exposition. It is now up to the business managers to what extent they can handle enquiries we generated during the fair and later on to make strategic decisions regarding the programs we should enter into.

The fair marathon is approaching its finish, it is time to recapitulate. We would like to thank all visitors who found the time to visit our exposition. We are glad that our business partners took the advantage of the specialized consultations and that we had the chance to deepen mutual confidence in our projects. We also appreciated your interest in on-line reporting. See you again at our new exposition next year.

Thursday, September 23, 2006

Look over the fence ... into the expositions of partners of VÍTKOVICE STEEL

Today is dedicated mostly to the business managers of the company; almost all of the exposition is reserved for them. Businessmen of VÍTKOVICE STEEL negotiate individually all aspects of business cooperation with current and even potential partners, which is often a long and demanding process. The orientation towards the control of the chain regarding the creation of value became the focus.

"As you walk down the fair, you feel a certain fascination, a unique aura which the place has due to the present competition", we heard form one of the visitors of the VÍTKOVICE STEEL exposition. The basis for the success is the creation of mutually useful partnerships with customers, suppliers, distributors but also employees.

And since we did not want to disturb the businessmen of VÍTKOVICE STEEL – our photographer came with the idea of creating a small picture report about how our competitors and business partners are doing. We would therefore like to invite you to a virtual tour of some expositions which photographer Karel Beneš visited at the IEF 2004.

Look over the fence ... into the expositions of partners of VÍTKOVICE STEEL.

Look over the fence ... into the expositions of partners of VÍTKOVICE STEEL.

Look over the fence ... into the expositions of partners of VÍTKOVICE STEEL.

Look over the fence ... into the expositions of partners of VÍTKOVICE STEEL.

Electronic puzzle VÍTKOVICE STEEL

Even though the engineering fair is primarily geared towards experts, VÍTKOVICE STEEL do not forget about the lay public, students and other visitors to the fair, who like competing and prize winning.

Basic idea is to combine the pleasant with the useful. Company VÍTKOVICE STEEL therefore prepared a special puzzle for those who enjoy competing. The bravest people can measure their skills on a large touch screen with the computer and try to put together one of two variants of a picture puzzle within a given time limit.

There are many company presents awaiting the successful winners who manage to defeat the uncompromising computer. The contestants will certainly learn something from behind the scenes of the projects, which the company VÍTKOVICE STEEL helped to carry out.

And since nothing dared nothing won, do not hesitate, the presents may be waiting just for you!

Presentation of VÍTKOVICE STEEL at the IEF from the media's point of view II.

In report called: "Vítkovice Steel announced student programs at IEF" a reporter of the fair magazine BVV goes back to the press conference of our company held on Tuesday. In his reporting he deals in greater detail with the issues of academic programs, which are again becoming important for VÍTKOVICE STEEL after a few years' break.

The official BVV newsletter emphasizes mostly student scholarships and internships or help with diploma thesis topics and their handling, which are again a part of proactive personal policy of the company.

Personal manager of VÍTKOVICE STEEL Jana Polzer is quoted in local magazine Veletržní zpravodaj: "Our company started communicating with schools on the basis of analyses results, which have shown interest of many students in working in this metallurgical company in Ostrava . Human resources are the most valuable thing a company has – it is impossible to do a good job without qualified employees", said Mr. Polzer.

Successful concept of a business day and a day for public

The international engineering fair in Brno is definitely the largest project of its kind east of Hannover. Even though it is a highly specialized fair, it is greatly enjoyed by exhibitors, businessmen and media. Its character is also supported by numerous attendance of lay public. For VÍTKOVICE STEEL it also means that they need to be able to exploit all modern means of communication including the internet.

"The aim is not only to do formal business. We understand our taking part in fairs to be a prestigious social event which helps to support partnerships with our customers, suppliers and distributors", comments on the course of events in the exposition Michal Baštinský, the marketing manager of VÍTKOVICE STEEL. “The friendly negotiations at the fair are a natural part of business relationships of our company”, added M. Baštinský.

Thursday at IEF is addressed not only to lay public but more importantly to businessmen. There is enough time dedicated to individual friendly meetings with our partners. The businessmen also understand the fair as a type of service to our customers. Offering products and services made-to-measure is in our opinion as important as making the best of new electronic sales channels. However, this would not be possible without business partners and friends. Therefore it is the multifunctional aspect of fairs which ideally corresponds with our requirements.

VÍTKOVICE STEEL nominated as the winner of EXPO IMAGE 2004

"Members of the specialized jury evaluated all expositions of international fairs IEF and IMT Brno 2004 and they nominated your exposition for the title EXPOSITION of the year 2004." It is not only good news which we learned about shortly before noon. Moreover, it is a kind of appreciation of all the people who participated on the realization and functioning of VÍTKOVICE STEEL exposition.

“Recipe for success? Luck from hell and pity from heaven mixed together" jokes Aleš Pavlík about the award, the executive head of API agency which created the stands. "And the reality? At the beginning there is an original idea, then enthusiasm and willingness to risk and the ability to persuade the client to trust our daring plans. However, the exposition is made by people. The plan would only remain on paper if it was not for the qualified realization team", comments A. Pavlík on the success.

Since 1997 the aim of the competitive project EXPO IMAGE has been to promote interesting expositions, best designers and realization companies but more importantly, to support the production of expositions and advertising. The organizers of Expo Image speak about it as about a "competitive project for the most appealing exposition of chosen international fairs held in all of the Czech Republic". Expositions are assessed in three rounds. In the first round which runs during the calendar year, the jury nominates expositions for the title Exposition of the year. In the second and third rounds they chose from the nominated expositions one for the title Exposition of the year and three for the award GRAND PRIX EXPO IMAGE.

Wednesday, September 22, 2006

Presentation of VÍTKOVICE STEEL at the IEF from the media's point of view

The reporter of a fair magazine BVV who in his report described current situation in company VÍTKOVICE STEEL in detail was interested in almost a 23 per cent rise in profit within the six months of this year. Magazine EURONEWS – EURO ONLINE annotates the financial situation of the company in an article called: Profit and product sales rise - Vítkovice Steel invest more than a billion crowns into modernization. Newspaper Moravskoslezský deník deals with the prepared privatization of the company in today's report: Třinec does not want to buy Vítkovice Steel. Other news on presentation of VÍTKOVICE STEEL at IEF Brno come overly from the report of Czech News Agency. The material was opened by an optimistic: Vítkovice Steel are still waiting to increase the share on the market in the Czech Republic to 55%. Publicized information comes from Vladimír Bail's speech at the press conference of the company, who is the head of board and the general manager. Other economic and expert media focus also on technological and territorial changes which the company launched together with its new business policy.

esentation of VÍTKOVICE STEEL at the IEF from the media's point of view.

esentation of VÍTKOVICE STEEL at the IEF from the media's point of view.

esentation of VÍTKOVICE STEEL at the IEF from the media's point of view.

esentation of VÍTKOVICE STEEL at the IEF from the media's point of view.

Nomination for award AURA 2004 – explicit success of VÍTKOVICE STEEL exposition

The fair exposition VÍTKOVICE STEEL at the international engineering fair in Brno got a nomination for the award AURA 2004 in category for stands up to 300 m2. The exposition of the company advanced to the second round where it will try to gain the best award among the competition of other already nominated fair presentations of other companies from the fair Autotec, obviously IEF but there will be more candidates from other fairs to be held, such as Invex and MEFA.

“We have introduced our client VÍTKOVICE STEEL in modern design and graphical visualization of the future which gives a new dimension to the ordinary metallurgical life“, comments on the success Aleš Pavlík, the executive head of API agency which created the stand. “We have attempted to implement a completely new approach to the philosophy of communication – after all, see for yourselves – daring architectonic vision enabled not only an intelligent communication between VÍTKOVICE STEEL and their customers but it totally changed the way of work of businessmen at the fair. The exposition even offered space for relaxation and friendly meetings, which help to tighten interpersonal relationships“, added A. Pavlík.

The jury of experts seeks the best exposition not only from the point of view of architectural design but more importantly marketing. In other words, how successfully was the exhibiting company able to harmonize the look, equipment and the orientation of the exhibition with the marketing aims they have targeted. Simply AURA – Efective fair participation.

Businessmen and managers of VÍTKOVICE STEEL: The atmosphere of the fair suits us

Three days of fair marathon – it means tens of business meetings in the exposition. It is here where you find ideal opportunities to introduce your production portfolio, deepen current contracts, respectively to deal about extending cooperation according to the capacities of VÍTKOVICE STEEL.

The businessmen of VÍTKOVICE STEEL have decided to take advantage of the great opportunity to establish new domestic and foreign contacts, which the fair in Brno brings along. The fair is basically a sort of a battlefield for every businessman, since they can gain important markets or sometimes exclusive or extraordinary contracts. Meetings in the exposition are therefore a logical and inevitable part of the presentation of product policy, especially of its communicative and distribution side. They create an ideal combination of conditions and opportunities to deepen confidence in business partners. It is the close relationship between the company and the customer which is one of the strategic factors of success in national but also international context.

And even though there is still enough time for balancing, the fair presentation seems to be successful.

Tuesday, September 21, 2006

Day of VÍTKOVICE STEEL company was a success

For Tuesday afternoon we have prepared a COMPANY DAY for our partners, which was officially opened at 2 p.m. by Vladimír Bail, the head of board and general manager of VÍTKOVICE STEEL.

It is nowadays a traditional meeting of all devoted co-operators, stabile partners but also reliable suppliers. What is a better way to thank for partnerships and cooperation than in a friendly atmosphere of a Company day within one of the most important marketing events of a year – the engineering fair.

The VÍTKOVICE STEEL exposition was not only filled with pleasant music by band JUPITER but more importantly with those who helped us achieve this success. People were discussing not only work related matters, plans and possibilities of further cooperation but also everyday human problems, people deal with among friends.

This year's Day of VÍTKOVICE STEEL company was a success We are already looking forward to the next meeting – again in new exposition, new design but definitely with old friends.

Press conference

The presentation of VÍTKOVICE STEEL at an International engineering fair in Brno continued on Tuesday 21 September 2004 with its second day. We presented our intentions and economic accomplishments at a press conference. Main message for reporters: "The amount of sales within the six months of the year 2004 has reached more than 5,5 billion crowns, which in comparison with the same period of last year is a rise of 22,4 per cent." Other information regarded the ongoing transformation of the company, changes in technological, technical and personal areas. Vladimír Bail, the general manager and the head of board of VÍTKOVICE STEEL, commented on those for the reporters. The discussion touched on the privatization of the company which is being prepared. Vladimír Bail also stated that potential investors, who are slowly starting to look for information, will have a realistic chance in the upcoming months, when the government announces a tender. And only the one who offers the most convenient conditions will have a chance to gain one of the most successful metallurgic companies in central Europe.

Monday, September 20, 2006

We are starting, welcome!

Together with opening gates of the International engineering fair, there opened the exposition of VÍTKOVICE STEEL, a. s. You will find us easily, our exposition is situated in pavilion F, stand no. 88.

When festively cutting the tape at the beginning of the fair marathon, Vladimír Bail, the head of board and the general manager of the company, wished the businessmen to take advantage of the unique possibility for intensive business meetings. Professional but also attractive exposition of VÍTKOVICE STEEL at the 46 th international engineering fair in Brno makes it possible for everybody to get to know the results of dramatic changes, which the company underwent in the past 12 months and which were closely connected with the Czech Republic entering the European Union.

The exposition is a natural and inevitable part of the presentation of product policy for efficient managers, especially its communicative, cost and distribution side. Even though it is obvious that the greatest benefit of a fair is the personal contact, the participation of VÍTKOVICE STEEL managers is an important strategy. It is often at IEF that the development of markets, type and extension of changes but also the pace and direction of further development of metallurgic production get revealed.

Companies which want to become as successful as VÍTKOVICE STEEL are now focusing on go-ahead marketing and dynamic business to compete with an even stronger competition. And IEF Brno is a greatly timed opportunity for highlighting our quality, reliable and safe products.

The exposition in Brno is a concrete evidence of what the company VÍTKOVICE STEEL believes in. Would you like to know more? Visit pavilion F, stand no.88.

In the colors of glowing and cooling steel

New visual communication VÍTKOVICE STEEL- TOUCH PERFECTION - STEEL FOREVER expresses the attitude of the company towards the world. Energy, daring to make new ways, maximal concentration on customer and honesty, which is the main headstone of a successful communication with business partners.

Corporate colors of VÍTKOVICE STEEL are red and orange resembling glowing steel and gray and blue for the cooling of steel on the mill grates. These colors dominate also on the first separate exposition of the company at this year's engineering fair in Brno. Metallurgists from Ostrava want to attract by a clear visual style, fresh young expression and functional minimalism.

"The stand expanding on the area of 100 m2 was created in cooperation with Ing. Arch. Zdeňek Škrla, reveals Renáta Kapolková, the producer of API agency, some basic information about VÍTKOVICE STEEL exposition. "The author has basically attempted to differentiate the exposition from the others. At this important engineering event the companies usually use intricate language in luxurious presentations. However, the exposition of VÍTKOVICE STEEL gives a fresh and young impression. It makes the passersby want to stop and enjoy the presentation of the company," adds R. Mecová - Kopolková.

"We have tried to make a mixture of unique company attributes and values into a final shape of the exposition. We wanted it to be an effective device of business communication but moreover, to trigger human contact and friendly meeting," says Aleš Pavlík, main coordinator of the exposition and the head of API agency, which gives shape to the presentation of VÍTKOVICE STEEL. "Good and quality expositions indicate the trends which can lead in management of exhibitions in the future, even when it comes to very technical and technologically specific companies. We have managed some daring architectonic plans for VÍTKOVICE STEEL and today we can say: that we did it successfully," added A. Pavlík

Presentation of VÍTKOVICE STEEL, a. s., at IEF also on the internet

It is common for exhibitors to issue printed titles of newspaper character and to bring up-to-date reporting from the fair, various interviews, tips on interesting exhibits, overview of supplementary events and various other types of information. For all who are interested in what is going on in the exposition of VÍTKOVICE STEEL, a live on-line reporting which happens in real time and place has been prepared by the management of the company.

We will inform you about the day to day “steel” activities at the Brno fair on our new web pages at the address: , in section dedicated to the 46 th international engineering fair. Apart from the up-to-date reporting and original data you will find here information regarding the VÍTKOVICE STEEL exposition, photo series about IEF or information about the supplementary program.

There are also on-line video cameras, which mediate the exposition to those who cannot come in person. You can see the live broadcast at the address , in section dedicated to the 46 th International engineering fair.

Inauguration of VÍTKOVICE STEEL, a.s. exposition at 46th international engineering fair in Brno on 20/09/2004

Negotiations in VÍTKOVICE STEEL, a. s. exposition