Even during the fair the management of the company fulfils its obligations. In the afternoon hours there was a meeting of the Board of Directors in the exposition.

Even during the fair the management of the company fulfils its obligations. In the afternoon hours there was a meeting of the Board of Directors in the exposition.

47th International Engineering Fair

Thursday, October 6, 2005

Good by next year …

The last visitors, final business meetings - it is true, the 47th International Engineering Fair in Brno is over… The gates of the largest specialized industrial fair in Central and Eastern Europe are closed. And together with the gates also the opportunities for business but mainly friendly and social meetings with the most important clients, suppliers, partners.

"The atmosphere at the Brno fair always clearly shows the needs and wishes of our customers, what direction we should go and what problems we should be targeting in connection with the development of the key product segments," explains Jiří Poštulka, BOD member and Commercial Director of VÍTKOVICE STEEL. "Also this year our company perceived the fair as an opportunity for distinguishing the right chance and for obtaining information for strategic decisions. The exposition of VÍTKOVICE STEEL was visited by numerous domestic as well as foreign partners and potential clients, we were visited by numerous important guests and also by the Government representatives - the exposition of VÍTKOVICE STEEL was one of the stops of Milan Urban, the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.

An important event of this year's fair was also the conclusion of a contract for supply of 10 000 tons of ship-building plates for Scandinavian shipyards Aker Finnyards, which affirm that the cooperation will continue next year too! On the other hand, the fair is not used only for negotiation of deals; rather it is aimed at presentation of the company, support of its image and products. "Of course we are always interested in negotiation of new contracts and we are ready to immediately respond to offers for cooperation," contidued Poštulka. "The success of presentation of VÍTKOVICE STEEL at the Brno fair depends on good preparation of the exposition staff. Now it will depend on the sales managers how they are able to process the inquiries which we generated during the fair and subsequently to make strategic decisions which projects we will enter."

The fair is over and now it is the time for recapitulation. We would like to thank to all visitors who found their time to visit our exposition. We are glad that clients and partners readily used professional consultations, that we were able to deepen our mutual confidence in joint projects. See you in the new exposition next year.

The last visitors, final business meetings - it is true, the 47th International Engineering Fair in Brno is over.

The last visitors, final business meetings - it is true, the 47th International Engineering Fair in Brno is over.

The last visitors, final business meetings - it is true, the 47th International Engineering Fair in Brno is over.

The last visitors, final business meetings - it is true, the 47th International Engineering Fair in Brno is over.

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

The exposition of VÍTKOVICE STEEL was nominated to the contest AURA

It is Wednesday and we have another and yet good news from International Engineering Fair in Brno! This year's exposition of VÍTKOVICE STEEL was again nominated in the category from 101 to 300 m2 to the contest AURA which is focused on effective participation at the fair and on meeting the marketing objectives of the exhibitors within the participation at the fair. The exposition of VÍTKOVICE STEEL attracted interest of ordinary visitors as well as of professionals from the area of architecture, psychology of advertising and marketing who evaluate the image and functionality of expositions according to very strict criteria.

The AURA contest evaluates how the architects managed to combine the architectonic design with the operation of the exposition with respect to the commercial and marketing objectives. And this worked out very well in case of VÍTKOVICE STEEL! The exposition attracts attention thanks to remarkable architectonic features and at the same time it offers sufficient back-office facilities for the representatives of the company and their guests.

After the last year's success it was only natural to participate in the contest this year again," said Boris Holub of API agency. The visit of the evaluating commission consisting of experts on marketing and communication took place right after the performance of drummers of Jumping Drums in the exposition of VÍTKOVICE STEEL. The commission was interested in the architectonic design of the architects and how the authors managed to ensure proper conditions for business meetings without the functionality of the back-office facilities interfering with the image of the exposition and vice versa. Another criterion of the evaluation was harmony of the company's presentation starting with printed papers and advertising items on one hand and ending with the current website presentation on the other hand. And there were many more questions from the evaluation commission adding to the final impression from the exposition.

The exposition of VÍTKOVICE STEEL generated enough points for nomination to the second year of the AURA contest. But the exhibitors will have to wait for the results of the event till January 2006.

On Wednesday there were numerous business meetings in the exposition

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

The most important day of the fair

Tuesday, October 4 is the most important day of the entire fair. The exposition is visited by numbers of current clients, potential customers, important guests as well as random visitors and students. And of course the press representatives are also here. This day is dedicated to the press conference of VÍTKOVICE STEEL and to the Company Day of this important Ostrava-based steel company…

Under the sound of drums…

Since morning every hour pavilion F is full of sound of drums. An exclusive group of five drummers performing under the name Jumping Drums started the Tuesday morning in a grand style and allured probably all bystanders to see the exposition of VÍTKOVICE STEEL or to get involved in knowledge or sport contests. Absolutely fantastic melodies, performed by these musicians, attracted crowds of people to the area surrounding the exposition of VÍTKOVICE… And even the fact that during the performance it was necessary to interrupt all negotiations perhaps in the entire pavilion F did not discourage the visitors to ask for more performance. Jumping Drums delivered absolutely excellent performance in the spirit of the philosophy of VÍTKOVICE STEEL - Citius (faster), altius (higher), fortius (stronger) - exactly these are the attributes honored in VÍTKOVICE STEEL.

The journalists came to see and hear

At 10.00 a.m., a part of the exposition got crowded with the representatives of the press who during a press conference obtained more detailed information on the privatization of the company, on the financial results for the first eight months of this year and also information on the current business strategy of VÍTKOVICE STEEL.

The following is the highlight of the most important information from the press conference of VÍTKOVICE STEEL:
- profit of VÍTKOVICE STEEL for the first eight months increased by 1.4 billion CZK compared with the last year
- for the first eight months the sales of VÍTKOVICE STEEL increased by 27.6 % compared with the last year, to 10 223 106 thousand crowns
- value added increased by more than 120 %. Production and sale of steel, plates, sections and cut shapes was realized by 1 603 employees, which is by 46 employees less compared with the same period last year
- VÍTKOVICE STEEL is one of the leading manufacturers of heavy plates in Europe, in the Czech Republic the company is a dominant producer of these plates
- On the domestic market, VÍTKOVICE STEEL is an exclusive manufacturer of sheet piles
- VÍTKOVICE STEEL is the only steel company in the Czech Republic producing special high grade hot rolled heavy plates
- the company is the only certified supplier of plates for the petroleum industry
- the American Petroleum Institute (API) certificate opened the way to customers from renown companies - suppliers of oil and gas pipe lines; the company received this certificate in the beginning of 2004 after demanding inspections
- the company management system has been certified by two independent globally established companies - German RW TÜV and American API, which according to experts is a significant reference

A company represented by a knight

One of the novelties of this year's presentation of VÍTKOVICE STEEL is introduction of a long-time "member" of this steel making company - Vítek the knight. No one will be surprised that a knight is clothed in armor made of plate. Of course a good armor made of plate from VÍTKOVICE STEEL. It may be of interest that the author of Vítek the knight, who was born on the Christmas Day 1966, is architect Zdeněk Podhurský who is the author of the popular figures of the bed time TV story version of the Little Beatles by Karafiát, dolls from the movies Voyage to the Primeval Ages and Plays with Devils.

The Company Day or else It started at 2:30 p.m.!

It started at 2:30 p.m. …International Engineering Fair in Brno is an opportunity for meeting the partners, customers, and colleagues, to evaluate the last year and discuss about the future. And the best opportunity is the Company Day!

Monday, October 3, 2005

The exposition with a clean style does not attract the attention because of hockey cheerleaders only!

In Brno, October 3, 2005 At 2:30 p.m., Vladimír Bail, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of VÍTKOVICE STEEL, officially opened the exposition at the 47th International Engineering Fair in Brno. The exposition - like the last year - is characteristic by the purity of style and minimalism, it has a young look. The dominants of the exposition include fragments of a Bridge in České Buějovice which has been built from plates from Vítkovice and absolutely for the first time Vítek the Knight - a long-time companion of the company was introduced at the fair. His silver silhouette made of solid steel can be seen by all visitors the same way as the dummy of a hockey player of HC VÍTKOVICE STEEL. And the cheerleaders of this team every hour attract attention of bystanders by their top sports performance.

But the exposition of VÍTKOVICE STEEL does not live because of cute cheerleaders only. Numerous business negotiations were held already the first day. One of them was a meeting of the representatives of VÍTKOVICE STEEL and KAM, which will celebrate next year exactly one hundred years of cooperation. The Monday meeting was convened in the spirit of discussions on the possibility of further supplies to the Benelux…

And even the division of the former big VÍTKOVICE to VÍTKOVICE STEEL and VÍTKOVICE has not changed anything on the supplies of steel products. And this is one of the reasons why the exposition of VÍTKOVICE STEEL was visited on this day by the representatives of REVMONT, which belongs to the VÍTKOVICE holding…

VÍTKOVICE STEEL is expecting numerous other important business meetings during the fair. Many of them will be held tomorrow, i.e., Tuesday, October 4, during the Company Day of VÍTKOVICE STEEL…