OHS policy

VÍTKOVICE STEEL systematically develops and continuously improves its OHS policy. The aim is to achieve and maintain occupational health and safety at a level that positively impacts not only the quality of production, but also ensures sustainable living conditions in the industrial area of Ostrava.

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OHS principles:

  • Create and maintain an OHS management system whose function ensures safe working conditions throughout the organization and meets the requirements of OHSAS 18001
  • Maintain this system in accordance with the requirements laid down by other policies, visions and objectives
  • Document all steps taken to provide the values ​​and results needed to further develop and implement new initiatives towards eliminating the undesirable effects of work activities
  • Create a system that prevents accidents or injuries, which by its nature reduces the accident rate to an acceptable limit or even completely eliminates it
  • Continuously improve all procedures and processes that provide OHS
  • Use the best available technology to minimize the risk of accidents
  • Address the views and interests of all stakeholders and follow the requirements of occupational health and safety when selecting contractors and subcontractors
  • Establish a set of indicators for assessing OHS and carry out the assessments in accordance with internal regulations and legislation
  • Inform all stakeholders about our objectives, intentions and activities in the field of occupational health and safety, including through the publication of this information in the "Annual Report on the Activities of VÍTKOVICE STEEL, Inc."
  • Take advantage of the positive experience of our industry to minimize risks and ensure the rational use of all resources
  • Be in accordance with legal requirements and regulations relating to the activities of VÍTKOVICE STEEL and implement other laws and requirements regarding OHS
  • Strive for the absolute transparency and exchange of information in the field of OHS principles between both management and employees and with all customers and suppliers in order to create awareness of OHS responsibilities
  • Commit the senior management of VÍTKOVICE STEEL to establish and regularly review the objectives of OHS
  • Commit the senior management of VÍTKOVICE STEEL to create and provide adequate resources for the implementation of the OHS Policy, OSH Objectives, including the strategic objectives of the business plan

Ostrava, 18.10.2017

Ing. Dmitrij Ščuka
on behalf of the CEO of VÍTKOVICE STEEL, Inc.