Why us?

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How do we view steel making work in VÍTKOVICE STEEL?

There's a fair bit of honest work in steel making. It didn't start yesterday, and it's been associated with our region for more than one hundred years. We have achieved much, and we are pleased by our successes, but we always look to the future. This is because the steel industry has a future. Ostrava is the "Steel Heart of the Republic", which beats strongly and is in better condition every year. Working for VÍTKOVICE STEEL, a leading European manufacturer of rolled steel products, is stylish.

Without a high-quality team, it doesn't work and will never work. People make a firm successful, people who have mastered their work, machines and technology. We work in a team in the company VÍTKOVICE STEEL. We are successful team, and we remain a team even when the going gets tough. Whole generations of families who work in our company can attest to this.

We carry on in our traditions in the company VÍTKOVICE STEEL, but we don't rest on our laurels. We are investing billions of crowns in new equipment and machines. We are creating new products and targeting new markets. We support unique improvements, bold innovations and fresh thinking. We don't wait for them to come to us from elsewhere. We improve the environment and help the people around us. We want to progress constantly, and remain the best in what we do and know the best.