Steel foundation of Europe
since 1828

Hlavní stránka

VÍTKOVICE STEEL is a leading European manufacturer of rolled steel products and the largest manufacturer of steel plates in the Czech Republic. The main production program includes heavy plates and shaped cutouts, which are produced in the sheet metal rolling mill, and sheet piles, which are produced in the heavy beam rolling mill.
The company is the only manufacturer of sheet piles in the Czech Republic and one of only two manufacturers in the European Union. The production of heavy plates enjoys a strong market share in the key domestic market. Products undergo quality control in our own accredited testing laboratories that have the most advanced testing equipment.

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Fighting for Preservation of Steel Production in Europe

Steelmakers throughout Europe reluct against uneven market conditions. Hundreds of people demonstrated in Ostrava for safeguarding of steel production. The trade unionists were not alone this time. The same goals are pursued by company managers and some politicians including the regional governor joined them. The event was co-organized by Vítkovice Steel.



A movie about Ostrava to include aerial views of VÍTKOVICE STEEL production shops

A dron flied in circles over Vítkovice. A popular Ostrava photographer Boris Renner chose also VÍTKOVICE STEEL production shops when making a documentary depicting life in Ostrava 100 years ago. The dron images are to help illustrate the then industrial atmosphere of Ostrava which borne much resemblance to the contemporary one. The photographer, cameraman, screen-writer and film director says that the documentary being made is a movie that will return you to your roots. It will premiere at the end of this year but the title is already born: “Roots of Ostrava”.


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VÍTKOVICE STEEL company improved its economic outcomes

After a difficult year 2018, VÍTKOVICE STEEL company managed to stabilize its economy last year and get back to neutral operational performance. In 2019, the company made a loss of CZK 480 million, which is, however, significantly lower – by CZK 1.2 billion – than in the previous year.



VÍTKOVICE STEEL recruiting new employees using modern technologies

VÍTKOVICE STEEL continues recruiting new employees also in the period of restrictive measures due to the coronavirus. Three tens of people will join the company in the weeks to come. They were interviewed using videointerviews and modern applications. The HR Department developed its own chatbot for communication with the candidates.