Steel foundation of Europe
since 1828

Hlavní stránka

VÍTKOVICE STEEL is a leading European manufacturer of rolled steel products and the largest manufacturer of steel plates in the Czech Republic. The main production program includes heavy plates and shaped cutouts, which are produced in the sheet metal rolling mill, and sheet piles, which are produced in the heavy beam rolling mill.
The company is the only manufacturer of sheet piles in the Czech Republic and one of only two manufacturers in the European Union. The production of heavy plates enjoys a strong market share in the key domestic market. Products undergo quality control in our own accredited testing laboratories that have the most advanced testing equipment.

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VÍTKOVICE STEEL relaxing the safety measures

The state of emergency announced by the government of the Czech Republic was lifted and life is gradually getting to normal. VÍTKOVICE STEEL is also relaxing the strict measures against coronavirus spread appealing to its employees as well as business partners to continue being safety minded.



Reconstruction of Negrelli viaduct is completed

Trains returned to the famous Negrelli viaduct in Prague on 1 June. The pride of Karlín (Prague district) and formerly the longest railway bridge in Europe had to undergo an extensive reconstruction which took almost three years. Plates made by VÍTKOVICE STEEL helped in the repair of one of the bridge structures.


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VÍTKOVICE STEEL recruiting new employees using modern technologies

VÍTKOVICE STEEL continues recruiting new employees also in the period of restrictive measures due to the coronavirus. Three tens of people will join the company in the weeks to come. They were interviewed using videointerviews and modern applications. The HR Department developed its own chatbot for communication with the candidates.



The company VÍTKOVICE STEEL modernised the technology for production of cut -shapes

VÍTKOVÍCE STEEL company finalised the modernisation of the technology for production of cut -shapes. The modernised cutting machine can cut special cants important for welding. This will allow the company to win new projects for construction and machinery industry clients. It is the second biggest investment in cut -shapes production during the last 8 years.