Shipbuilding plates

Luxury ships of class Freedom

Ship Morning Courier

Ship Grande Roma

Ship Ivory Arrow

Transoceanic yacht Birka Paradise

Transoceanic ship Grande Anversa

Ship Morning Calm

Transoceanic ship Mattheos I.

Tanker Mercini Lady

Tanker Hellenica

Container ship Katjana

Car Ferry Ulysses

Container ship Yongxing

Ship ABB Victoria


Ship used for the construction of offshore wind farms

SS Nujoma

Bridge structures


Railway bridge Zwolle, Netherlands

D47 Highway bridge Rojek

Highway bridge Reichenbachtalbrücke

Long bridge in České Budějovice

Highway bridge Odra, D47

Highway bridge Oranienburg

Mariánský bridge in Ústí nad Labem

Steel structures


Underground station Střížkov in Prague

Exhibition pavilion BMW in Franfurkt am Main

Reconstruction of the Negrelli Viaduct


Bridge Tejo in Lisbon

Construction of high voltage lattice masts

Plates, Cut shapes

Olympic stadium in Berlin

Railway station in Franfurkt am Main

Parking garage, airport in Köln/Bonn

Component of wind power plants

Cladded plates ASME SA -516 Gr. 60N + Ti Gr. 1

Cladded discs ASME SA -516 Gr. 70 + Ti Gr. 1

Cladded plates P265GH + SE-Cu

Sheet piles

Pillars repairing of Charles bridge in Prague

Cofferdams Komarno bridge

Traffic units


Railway carriages, company Astra Vagoane Arad

Railway carriages, company Tatravagónka Poprad

Construction machines


Building machines, company New Holland

Building machines, company Volvo CE

Pressure vessels

Boiler plates

Boiler drum for power plant Balti Narva

Boiler drum for power plant Coolkeeragh

Boiler drum for power plant Tamuin

Storage tanks


Central oil tank, Nelahozeves, 4 tanks of capacity 800 000 m3

Mining machines


Wheel excavator SchRs 1320