The decision to establish the company, later known as Rudolf Hütte, dates back to 1828. And as early as in 1830 a puddling furnace - the very first one in Austria - was fired up there. This was followed by the plant development and construction of new facilities. The predecessors of today’s rolling mills were put into operation in 1913.

More than a century of know-how, along with modern business management, has made the company a leading manufacturer of hot rolled steel products. The current main product mix consists of plates, sheet piles, cutouts and beams.

Historic milestones of the company:

1828 - company establishment
1830 - firing up of puddling furnace
1913 - Heavy beams rolling mill 
1971 - 3.5 Kvarto sheet rolling mill
2001 - VÍTKOVICE STEEL, Inc. established
2005 - VÍTKOVICE STEEL is acquired by EVRAZ in privatization
2014 - VÍTKOVICE STEEL is acquired by a group of private investors
2015 - Closure of steelworks, transition to production from imported slabs

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