Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy
VÍTKOVICE STEEL considers environmental protection to be one of the priorities of managing the company. The aim is a systematic approach to enacting and maintaining an environmental policy on a level of management and organization that makes it possible to minimize the negative impact of our industrial activity on the environment. This leading European manufacturer of rolled steel products is one of the smallest polluters of the environment among the heavy industry in Ostrava and will strive to lower our emissions even further in the future.

  • Comply with legal and other requirements for environmental protection as the basis for the continual improvement of the environmental profile of our company.
  • Provide and develop products that can be recycled, reused or disposed of safely.
  • Develop and operate equipment in collaboration with specialized teams and carry out our activities with regard to the efficient use of energy and materials, a friendly relationship to the environment, and respect for the principle of the sustainable use of secondary resources.
  • Provide information on environmental issues to shareholders, employees, customers and the public.
  • Ensure the effects of old environmental burdens are minimized or eliminated after industrial activities have ceased.
  • Prevent emergency situations from happening, where the consequences could have a negative impact on the environment and health of employees.
  • Motivate and systematically increase the expertise, competence and responsibility of our employees in protecting the environment.
  • Continuously improve the processes of environmental management and environmental performance in line with the latest scientific and technical knowledge, customer requirements and expectations of the public.

We are announcing this Environmental Policy with the conviction that it will be understood and accepted by all our employees, business partners and the public.

Ostrava, 18.10.2017

Ing. Dmitrij Ščuka
on behalf of the CEO of VÍTKOVICE STEEL, Inc.