Quality Policy

Quality Policy

In accordance with the context and strategic plans of the company, VÍTKOVICE STEEL is steadily increasing the effectiveness of its quality management system. It is aware of the tradition of quality steel production in the company and wants it acknowledged and passed on even further.

Principles of the Quality Policy:

Focus on the customer

  • Understanding and analyzing the current and future needs of our customers
  • Meeting the requirements and expectations of our customers
  • Measuring customer satisfaction and inferring other activities based on the results of these measurements

Leadership/Steady growth of employees and working with them

  • Education, training and leadership skills
  • Giving employees the necessary resources for the activities within their responsibilities
  • Creating a work environment that positively influences the fulfillment of quality requirements while achieving the declared aims and objectives of the organization

Process approach

  • Defining processes and treating activities in the organization as interacting processes
  • Defining the interface of processes with the functions of the organization and establishing clear responsibilities and authority for process control
  • Planning and ensuring the availability of the resources necessary for process implementation

System approach

Implementation, development and continuous improvement of the quality management system according to ISO 9001 towards meeting the needs and expectations of our customers and all stakeholders.

Continuous improvement

  • Continually improving products, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of all processes, quality management system and the timely adoption of preventive actions
  • Using employee initiatives to improve the efficiency of all processes and activities

Approach to decision-making based on facts

  • Analyzing data with updated methods and using teamwork to solve quality issues.

Mutually beneficial supplier relations/Cooperation with suppliers

  • Monitoring and evaluating the competence of our suppliers
  • Creating clear and open communication and mutually beneficial relations with our suppliers

To support the Quality Policy, the senior management of VÍTKOVICE STEEL undertakes to:

  • Maintain, develop and continuously improve the quality management systems in accordance with the requirement of ISO 9000,
  • Announce every year their support for the Objectives and review them periodically,
  • Create and provide sufficient resources for implementing the Quality Policy, Quality Objectives, including the strategic objectives of the business plan
  • Communicate within our organization the importance of meeting customer requirements as well as regulatory and legislative requirements and the requirements of internal regulations,
  • Deliver products of the highest possible quality to the customer,
  • Provide shareholders, employees and customers with information about management system issues
  • Systematically perform maintenance on manufacturing equipment to achieve conformity with product requirements,
  • Motivate and systematically increase the expertise and competence of our employees in quality management
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System through personal engagement and activity.

Ostrava, 18.10.2017

Ing. Dmitrij Ščuka
on behalf of the CEO of VÍTKOVICE STEEL, Inc.