Media releases


Steel companies adhere to strict anti-pandemic measures

Steel companies have taken the Chinese coronavirus pandemic seriously from the beginning, behaving as responsibly as possible because they cannot afford to lose employees in non-stop operations, the closure of which could cost billions of crowns. The measures taken often go beyond legal obligations. Companies provide effective protective equipment, minimize human contact, and they detect infections in a timely manner by frequent testing, where most of the infections come from homes. In the three largest member companies alone, these measures have so far cost dozens of millions crowns, with the state not contributing in any way. The share of active cases in our companies is approximately 50% lower than the available and clearly underestimated figures for the general population. This clearly disproves the myth that industrial companies are the breeding ground for the infection.



VÍTKOVICE STEEL company improved its economic outcomes

After a difficult year 2018, VÍTKOVICE STEEL company managed to stabilize its economy last year and get back to neutral operational performance. In 2019, the company made a loss of CZK 480 million, which is, however, significantly lower – by CZK 1.2 billion – than in the previous year.



VÍTKOVICE STEEL recruiting new employees using modern technologies

VÍTKOVICE STEEL continues recruiting new employees also in the period of restrictive measures due to the coronavirus. Three tens of people will join the company in the weeks to come. They were interviewed using videointerviews and modern applications. The HR Department developed its own chatbot for communication with the candidates.



The company VÍTKOVICE STEEL modernised the technology for production of cut -shapes

VÍTKOVÍCE STEEL company finalised the modernisation of the technology for production of cut -shapes. The modernised cutting machine can cut special cants important for welding. This will allow the company to win new projects for construction and machinery industry clients. It is the second biggest investment in cut -shapes production during the last 8 years.



Employees‘ Wages at VÍTKOVICE STEEL will grow by 5%

Representatives of the management and the trade union at Vítkovice Steel have agreed on wage development and employee benefits for 2020. According to the amendment to the Collective Agreement for 2019 – 2023, the corporate wages and premiums will be increased by almost 5% from April, which means for employees an average increase by more than of CZK 1,000 than last year monthly, plus other benefits.



VÍTKOVICE STEEL Changed the Board of Directors, Dmitrij Ščuka Remains to Be the Chairman

The Supervisory Board of Ostrava Vítkovice Steel decided on the new composition of the three-member Board of Directors. Dmitrij Ščuka, the Chairman of the Board of Directors elected again, has been working in this position since 2012 and belongs among the most experienced managers in the steel industry in Central Europe.