Steel foundation of Europe
since 1828

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The story of VÍTKOVICE STEEL began in 1828 in Ostrava and continues to this day. VÍTKOVICE STEEL is a traditional, prominent manufacturer of hot-rolled heavy plates, sheet piles and cut shapes in Europe. We see our mission as connecting society with quality products - our heavy plates makes bridges, for example, which are our great passion. Sheet piles are used for steel and bridge structures or as structures for water management and flood protection. We burn our cut shapes on the most modern equipment, which is also why they are often used for machine parts where a high level of precision is required. Quality control of products is carried out in our own accredited testing laboratories, which are equipped with the most advanced testing facilities.

Steel has an unlimited service life and is the most recyclable material in the world. But we go even further. We are taking action to protect the planet and make the world greener. We also have transparent and fair conditions for business partners, suppliers and our employees.

That's all we are - we are VITKOVICE STEEL.

More informationVÍTKOVICE STEEL, a.s. has an environmental product declaration (EPD) for sheet piles and hot-rolled heavy plates

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OP PIK project - Replacement of Ward converters - Leonard II

Within the framework of the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness, Vítkovice STEEL, a. s. implemented a project entitled "Replacement of Ward converters - Leonard II" Project Number CZ.01.3.10/0.0/0.0/18_183/0017753.



VÍTKOVICE STEEL increases employees wages for the second time this year

This year, employees will receive an average of CZK 30,600 more. This is the second year the company is increasing wages and employees will receive summer and Christmas bonuses for economic results.


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The wages of VÍTKOVICE STEEL employees will increase by up to 12%

The representatives of the management and trade union at VÍTKOVICE STEEL concluded collective bargaining and agreed on a new wording of the collective agreement for the next 5 years and on salary development and benefits for the next year. Employees' wages and bonuses will increase by a total of up to 12% if the specified criteria are met.



VÍTKOVICE STEEL still burdened by investigation conducted because no decision still has been made

VÍTKOVICE STEEL located in Ostrava produces and operates without any restrictions but is burdened by lengthy investigation conducted by the Financial Analytical Office (FAO) due to the company’s suspected ownership ties to Russia. The investigation has been underway for 3 months without any outcome and the FAO does not communicate with the company. This makes it difficult for the company to maintain good relationships with its business and financial partners, and its employees and their families experience uncertainty and concerns about further development