VÍTKOVICE STEEL is going to support more regional projects

The coronavirus pandemic and measures against it affect a lot of sectors, including industry. Moreover, steelmaking has to deal with other problems, namely unfair import of steel from China and other third countries where steel is made without following the environmental and social rules. Nevertheless, the company VÍTKOVICE STEEL decided to again support non‑profit organizations and individuals in the Moravian-Silesian Region through the Endowment Fund.



Fighting for Preservation of Steel Production in Europe

Steelmakers throughout Europe reluct against uneven market conditions. Hundreds of people demonstrated in Ostrava for safeguarding of steel production. The trade unionists were not alone this time. The same goals are pursued by company managers and some politicians including the regional governor joined them. The event was co-organized by Vítkovice Steel.



A movie about Ostrava to include aerial views of VÍTKOVICE STEEL production shops

A dron flied in circles over Vítkovice. A popular Ostrava photographer Boris Renner chose also VÍTKOVICE STEEL production shops when making a documentary depicting life in Ostrava 100 years ago. The dron images are to help illustrate the then industrial atmosphere of Ostrava which borne much resemblance to the contemporary one. The photographer, cameraman, screen-writer and film director says that the documentary being made is a movie that will return you to your roots. It will premiere at the end of this year but the title is already born: “Roots of Ostrava”.



VÍTKOVICE STEEL supports transformation of the Region

VÍTKOVICE STEEL and other important companies from the Moravian-Silesian Region joined forces to support transformation of the region towards low-carbon economy. On 31 July, seven industrial companies signed a joint declaration at the Regional Governor’s office. This initiative strives to make use of European funding in order to maintain the competitive strength of the regional industry and contribute to the regional development in a "green” way.



VÍTKOVICE STEEL relaxing the safety measures

The state of emergency announced by the government of the Czech Republic was lifted and life is gradually getting to normal. VÍTKOVICE STEEL is also relaxing the strict measures against coronavirus spread appealing to its employees as well as business partners to continue being safety minded.



Reconstruction of Negrelli viaduct is completed

Trains returned to the famous Negrelli viaduct in Prague on 1 June. The pride of Karlín (Prague district) and formerly the longest railway bridge in Europe had to undergo an extensive reconstruction which took almost three years. Plates made by VÍTKOVICE STEEL helped in the repair of one of the bridge structures.