Cut shapes

VÍTKOVICE STEEL, a.s., offers the possibility of processing of hot-rolled thick plates into semi-finished products for further mechanical processing. These can be used further for the production of machine parts in the form of flame-cut shapes.
Flame-cut shapes are made on flame-cutting machines with a plasma burner and oxygen-natural gas burners. The actual working process is computer controlled. The surface of the flame-cut shape is descaled, slag remnants are removed from the cut edges. Following agreement the possibility of blasting of the surface can be ensured. We make the flame-cut shapes according to supplied technical documentation. Possibility of chamfering weld edges to K, V, X, Y according to agreement.

Flame cutting of the different shapes is the last operation preceding the welding.

It is one of the preconditions requirements for required quality of weld joints and influences the costs for production of weldments. Our flame cut shapes are made on top class CNC machines from MGM Tábor for flame cutting of bevelled shapes by three-burner oxy-acetylene cutting unit, MGM 3D bevel plasma burner and perpendicular PIERCE plasma burner and on flame cutting machines from MESSER-GRIESHEIM, ESAB and VANAD equipped with oxygen - natural gas burners.

We utilise all the advantages of the closed mill production cycle, which is reflected not only in the top quality of our products, but also in possibilities of deliveries of modified steel and ability to supply flame-cut shapes by acceptable deadlines for a good price.

The use of our flame-cut shapes from plate expands your production and sales possibilities. We free you of ecological problems and problems involving scrap metal. As a result we can help you thus when implementing logistics and production.

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