VÍTKOVICE STEEL recruiting new employees using modern technologies


VÍTKOVICE STEEL recruiting new employees using modern technologies

VÍTKOVICE STEEL continues recruiting new employees also in the period of restrictive measures due to the coronavirus. Three tens of people will join the company in the weeks to come. They were interviewed using videointerviews and modern applications. The HR Department developed its own chatbot for communication with the candidates.

“We keep abreast of the time; heavy industry can also be modern. We  did not want to  suspend the recruitment of new employees because of the state of emergency and limitation of personal contacts so we started making an extensive use of various forms of on-line communication and also a new tool which in the form of a chatbot - an artificial intelligence device - named by us Vítek,” explained Kateřina Nogolová, HR Director and member of the Board of Directors of VÍTKOVICE STEEL.  

The company now needs mainly crane operators, flame cutter operators and slingers. The HR Department specialist selected 30 new employees who want to start working as soon as possible but because of the actual circumstances they will be admitted gradually as the restrictive measures at the company are released.

VÍTKOVICE STEEL recruits new employees using various modern trends, in particular social networks and job portals. The cooperation with the existing employees, who can recommend potential candidates, has also proved to be efficient. The modern trends include also automation of routine tasks. The chatting robot, which was developed by the HR Department staff themselves to satisfy their needs in early April, facilitates the basic communication with the candidates thereby saving the time and capacities of our HR staff. It operates 24 hours a day 7 days in week through social network. “Our chatbot can ask targeted questions regarding work while we specify the candidate’s profile. This enables us to get down to the core without our physical presence. However, if the user wishes to communicate directly with us, he or she is allowed to do that,” added  Kateřina.

The production at VÍTKOVICE STEEL runs as scheduled; no production limitations had to be applied except for the precautionary measures.


VÍTKOVICE STEEL, a. s. is a traditional European manufacturer of rolled steel products, the largest manufacturer of steel plates in the Czech Republic and the only manufacturer of sheet piles in the country. The company is owned by multinational investment funds from the countries of the former Soviet Union. It employs 958 people.


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