VÍTKOVICE STEEL relaxing the safety measures


VÍTKOVICE STEEL relaxing the safety measures

The state of emergency announced by the government of the Czech Republic was lifted and life is gradually getting to normal. VÍTKOVICE STEEL is also relaxing the strict measures against coronavirus spread appealing to its employees as well as business partners to continue being safety minded.

The company-wide home office was terminated by the management on 25 May and the employees conduct work at their worksites again. The activities of external companies in VÍTKOVICE STEEL premises can also be resumed and the obligation to wear face mask and disposable gloves in the company premises was cancelled. Body temperature is not measured when entering the premises.

Since 1 June the canteens have been open without any restrictions and training courses, recruitment of new employees and business journeys can again be conducted, however, all under the condition of compliance with the applicable government regulations. The recommendations to minimize direct personal contacts and obey the social distancing and hygienic rules are still in force.

The VÍTKOVICE STEEL management acknowledges the understanding and thoughtfulness of the company employees and business partners.