Yongxing - container ship, Croatia (5 116 tons of plates with a thickness of 8 – 40 mm)

Yongxing - container ship, Croatia (5 116 tons of plates with a thickness of 8 – 40 mm)



3.5 Four-High Rolling Mill

Production Capacity 755 thousand t/year
Length of rolls 3 500 mm
Working roll diameter 940-1005 mm
Back-up roll diameter 1750-1 900 mm
Minimum thickness of plate 5 mm
Maximum thickness of plate 80 mm
Plate width 3 300 mm (coated plates)
Maximum length of plate 16 000 mm
Maximum rolling force 62 000 kN
Input material heating Two push furnaces, capacity 75 t/h, 90 t/h; double line furnaces with top and bottom heating fuelled with natural gas and mixed gas; car-hearth furnace for heating of special steels

The rolling mill include power shear lines to divide plates up to 50 mm thick. Flame cutting is applied to thicker plates.

Heat Treatment

Continuous annealing furnace
Length 70 000 mm
Capacity 190 kt/year
Two annealing pits
Capacity of charge 200 t; 300 t
Max. plate width 4 000 mm
Max. plate length 14 000 mm
Three annealing furnaces
Capacity 3 x 30 t
Furnace useful width max 4 500 mm
Plate length 16 000 mm.


Production Capacity 170 thousand t/year

The section and bar production equipment consists of the heavy-section mill with stand no. 5. The stand is a two-high billet mill incorporated in the heavy-section mill and sharing the heating pusher-type furnace and operator team with the heavy section train. However, the two lines have separate handling and finishing equipment.
Available machinery is as follows:

Heavy Section Mill

Product assortment Round bar, square bar, beam, angle, sheet pile, crane rails, sleeper, rims, special sections
Section weight 18 through 140 kg/m
Number of stands 4 reversing two-highs, stand no. 4 convertible to universal stand with idle vertical rolls, one edge-rolling mill for beams
Maximum roll diameter 940 mm
Roll body length 2 300 mm
Universal stand roll diameter 940 mm
Minimum roll diameter horizontal 1 250 mm, vertical 750 mm
Input material heating Gas fired push furnace 60 t/h
Section parting 3 hot saws
Straightening 7-roll straightener
Maximum dispatch length 21 000 mm


5. Heavy Section Mill Stand

Assortment Rectangular & square billets
Width range 120 - 300 mm
No. of stands 1 reversing two-high stand
Maximum roll diameter 920 mm
Minimum roll diameter 750 mm
Roll body length 2 200 mm
Rolling mill drive one 3 800 kW electric motor
Input material heating heavy-section mill heating furnace
Section parting 2 hot saws, hot power shears 4 000 kN, max. area 4 000 m2
Straightening 7-roll straightener
Maximum piece length 12 000 mm


Heavy Section Mill Finishing Shop Equipment:

  • 7-roll section straightener for round and square bar
  • lateral straightening press for bars
  • hyperbolic straightener for round bar
  • torque straightener for crane rails and oblong bar
  • 2 cold saws
  • walking-beam cooling furnace for controlled cooling, anti-flake annealing and soft annealing of rolled bar
  • billet & slab grinder
  • round bar surface scalping machine
  • round bar grinder
  • magnetic defectoscopic tester of round billet surface
  • ultrasound inspection (outsourced if required)
  • sheet piles matching line, lock pressing, lock strength press testing machine


Flame-Cut Plate Shapes

The plate rolling mills have flame cutting equipment to manufacture semi-finished products from the plates. The flame cutting machines have oxygen and natural gas burners and are computer controlled. Surface of the cuttings has scale on it and slag must be removed from the edges after cutting. Flame cutting contours are based on provided drawings.

Max. piece width 4 000 mm
Max. piece length through 14 000 mm
Material thickness 5 through 80 mm *

* higher thickness upon agreement