Production range: rolled plates in thicknesses 5 - 100mm (200mm) and widths 1000 - 3200 mm.

Rolling mill 3,5 Kvarto

Production capacity 755 thous. t/year
Length of rollers 3 500 mm
Diameter of working rollers 940-1005 mm
Diameter of backup rollers 1750-1 900 mm
Minimum thickness of plates 5 mm
Maximum thickness of plates 100 mm (200mm)
Maximum width of plates 3 200 mm*
maximum length of plates 18 000 mm*
Maximum rolling force 62 MN

*other dimensions by agreement

Heating of charge
two pushing furnaces with output of 80 and 90 t/h
double-line furnace with bottom and top heating
heating by natural gas

Finishing shop

Ultrasound inspection
automatic ultrasound line with 100% coverage of area
2 manual ultrasound machines

Coating of rolled products
edge shears
longitudinal separating shears

Separation of rolled products
separating shears with magnetic table for processing warehouse formats
cutting line

Heat treatment
continuous annealing pit
length 73 000 mm 
capacity 190 kt/year
for plates in thicknesses 5 - 70 mm

three car-hearth furnaces
capacity 3 x 30 t 
usable width of pit max 4 500 mm 
maximum length of plates 18 000 mm

Stamping of plates
low-stress stamping machine with depth of stamping 0.2 - 0.3 mm

Paint marking of plates
two marking machines apply fast-drying alcohol-based paint to upper surface

Test management
two plasma cutters for preparation of test semi-finished products

straightening machine for straightening cold plates following annealing to thickness 25 mm
straightening machine for straightening cold plates to thickness 12 mm
straightening machine for straightening plates up to 100 mm

Surface inspection
there are four turners for visual inspection of the top and bottom surface with illumination of min. 500 lux